"..life's a song my friend that's been written fo us, 
you've got to live the verses and fall back on the chorus."

Recording Only Passing Through

Recording "Alone"

Recording sessions for the album "If TIme Could Stand Alone"

Logging pictures from Idaho

Coal mining pictures of Van, working for R&R Coal Co.

Recording sessions from the 2002  album "North of 80"

CD release parties / concerts

Recording sessions from "Flat Bottom Town"

Places I've Rambled...

Bald Top Mountain (where I was raised)

The Arsonists...of DEATH! (my high-school band)

The Arsonists Reunion Concert 2000

Chigliac Feedhorn (Van with Darren Schlappich)

Van Wagner live Concert shots

Van with the History Alive Boys

The Van Wagner Trio