Otto's state College Pa Feb 2007
Matt, Van, Ilene, Aaron


Van with the Hard Coal Boys At Kenny's Castaways in New York City.
Januray 2004.


photo by Gayle Morrow

VAN WAGNER, ON GUITAR, JOINED members of The Hickory Project and other bands for the finale of Hickory Fest II Sunday afternoon. Sue Cunningham, Hickory Project fiddler, is shown on the left.

Van, Matt Harrison, Karl Shellenberger
Feb 2003 Selinsgrove Brew Pub

Longhorn Tavern, Crouch Idaho  July 4th, 2002

May 5th, 2002   Bear Creek Festival, Schuylkill County PA
Photo by Maureen Carr

With Brian Crane, Henefins Pub, California March 2002

Van, Steve Richard, and Robb Bomboy singing "Man of Constant Sorrow"
in Prescott Arizona March 2002


Van live at the Danville Iron Heritage Festival, July 2001

With Matt Harrison.  Always a great time, the Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport PA, abut 1999.

The 1999 Danville Iron Heritage Festival with Robb Bomboy and Matt Harrison.

PHOTO: Frank Singley/Collegian

Van Wagner (graduate-agriculture education) sings on Old Main yesterday as part of the "Grassroots on the Lawn, Rally for Solidarity."

The Daily Collegian, Wednesday, April 26, 2000