The Van Wagner Trio
Craig Glodfelter , Van Wagner, and Ken Fausnaught

               Van Wagner Trio 2001                               Original Trio 2000 Ken Fausnaught, Van Wagner, Will Kradlak

Since he was a child, Van Wagner has been singing, strumming, rambling, and  picking his way through the hills of Pennsylvania. Now 24 years old with over one  hundred original songs under his belt, and co-production of nine albums, Van has  developed a unique style of musical expression. He has performed several times in  Europe as well as all over the United States. 

His style is a hybrid of influences involving bluegrass, blues, and folk. His songs tell the story of growing up in rural America. Coal mining, iron milling, lumbering, religion, and farming all work their way into Wagner's songs. His hometown of Danville Pennsylvania is often the focus of his songs. Danville’s people, places, 
and rich history continue to inspire Wagner to write about small town life. 

Van is currently touring with the release of his newest album “Going Back To Bald Top.” The 16 song CD features pieces that Wagner has written about the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania iron miners, and several songs inspired by his hometown of Danville. The album also contains Wagner’s song “God and Woody Guthrie”, a tune inspired by Wagner’s deep roots in the music of American folk 
legend Woody Guthrie. 

“The lyrics of these songs paint a picture of rural America’s past and present in a way that every listener can relate to,” Wagner said. 


Ken Fausnaught is a native of Northumberland, PA. Now living in Watsontown, Ken is an accomplished banjo and guitar player as well as a strong vocalist. He has recorded with Van Wagner on the album “Flat Bottom Town.” He has performed with David Hampton, L.E. Hampton and the Bluegrass Boys, The Country Boys, as well as The Last Chance Band for the past several years. Although his musical explorations have ventured into rock and country, Ken is caught hook line and sinker on bluegrass. 

“When he was 9 years old, Ken’s guitar teacher said he didn’t have the makings of a guitar player and that he should give it up, thank God he didn’t! Come hear him for yourself and I guarantee you’ll be thankful too!” ...Van Wagner 


Craig is better know as the internation man of mystery.