King of the Quarry

Feb 2018

Van Wagner 



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1. King of the Quarry
2. Anerts and Hutton
3. Miss Enid Lewis
4. Roy the Horse
5. Sidewalks
6. Make My Tombstone
7. Working with Slate
8. Leaving Wales
9. Ladies of the Ridge

Summary of work:

This album is the result of a collaborative music project between a group 7th grade students at South Eastern Middle School, York County, PA and Van Wagner. Students conducted research on the rich history of the Peach Bottom Slate region in southern PA. Van Wagner used the students’ research to guide the students through the process of singing and songwriting in his own unique style. The hard work of Van Wagner and the fifteen students listed in this album will hopefully be enjoyed by all members of our community for years to come.

General History for Album:

Peach Bottom Slate is found along a ridge that extends from Harford County, Md, and into Pennsylvania, through southern York and Lancaster Counties. In the 1840’s a large migration of Welshmen arrived with their own techniques and traditions of quarrying and splitting slate into roofing shingles. This slate, voted best in the world in 1851, was well known for its durability, longevity, and resistance to weathering. Quarrymen worked long days under extremely dangerous conditions to make slate available for its many uses. Many community members are working diligently today to make sure that the culture and heritage of his era is preserved for generations to come.



All songs mixed by Jason Perez Danville PA
Vocal harmony by Brian Crane