Monogram Music

Music for that special person, occasion or place  A great way to create a keeppsake.

By Van Wagner and Ollie Wagner

Great moments, great places, great people, great memories and great dreams . . . deserve great music! Monogram Music originated when two Atlanta Physicians sought musicians to write a song to capture in music the joy and beauty of their Georgia lake home.

The musicians they turned to were Van Wagner, an accomplished bluegrass/folk recording artist and his wordsmith brother, Ollie.  The Wagners learned about the lake home, the family who enjoyed it, and inquired about musical tastes.  They quickly produced their first “taylor-made” song entitled “Lake Life.”

 “It’s a family keepsake and we love it.  They captured in music the essence of this place” says one happy customer.  Another adds, “Our friends can’t believe we have our own song for this place.  It’s awesome!”

 Ever since that first request, the Wagner brothers have been putting lyrics and music to special places, people and events.  Create a keepsake today, by contacting “Monogram Music” Satisfaction is guaranteed

Ideal for:
Weddings and anniversaries,
awards and personal accomplishments,
family traditions and celebrations,
treasured memories or places

How to create your own song
with Monogram Music

1. Identify a place or person, perhaps a memory or situation, for which you would like to have a song.
2. Jot down key words, concepts, places, etc. and think about the “tone” (joyful, mellow, up-beat, etc.) that you think you’d like.
3. Send a $100 deposit with the enclosed “Registration” completed.
4. The Wagners will take your concept into the recording studio and in one month produce a “first take” of a song for your review.
5. Incorporating your feed-back and comments, within a second month, the song will be revised and edited, and brought to completion with additional instruments and vocals.
6. With the payment of the remaining $400, Monogram Music will mail you your own compact disc with and cassette tape of your own unique and personalized song.
7. If you are not completely satisfied, let us know . . . and we’ll head back to the studio ‘til we get it right!

About the creators of
Monogram Music:

Van Wagner is an acclaimed bluegrass and folk musician, who has released five compact discs of his own. Van has toured the nation and British Isles with his earthy, honest and sometimes humorous tunes.  With increasing radio play in central Pennsylvania and a busy concert schedule, Van brings to Theme songs a tremendous background of folk music, not to mention his guitars, banjo, mandolin, stand-up bass, and harmonica.

Ollie Wagner is a Presbyterian Minister who spends his time on a daily basis stringing words together.  A life-long lover of camp songs, hymns and poetry Wagner’s songs (and sermons) are peppered with a richness of imagery that is insightful, descriptive, enlivening . . . and generally, a lot of fun! He paints pictures with words, and can even strum a few chords, too.

“We guarantee that the lyrics and tune for your song will be original compositions!”

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