Living in Myself

$12 for CD's.   Original  bluegrass and folk.
Originally released summer 1997 Re-released on CD March, 2001.

$12 per CD.

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 This is one of Vanís most personal albums.  This album showcases Vanís song writing ability as well as his creative instrumentation.  The album also contains a song written by Ollie Wagner and another by RJ Renteria.  Van is joined by Ken Fausnaught, Robby Bomboy, Will Kradlak, Matt Harrison, R.J. Renteria, Ollie and Heather Wagner.  Recorded spring, 1997.  Remastered Fall 2000.


1. Botto Never Left 3rd
    (recorded Fall 2000)
2. Living In Myself
3. After Time
4. Elizabeth
5. The Ballad of Jesse Jones
    (recorded Fall 2000)
6. Loose Ends
7. Nat Marshal
8. Ainít It Wrong
9. Close Your Eyes
10. Corporate Chaos
11.  Women, Words, and Wine
    (recorded fall 1999, WVIA)
12. Poncho Villa
13. Falls Creek Brick
14. Wake Up
15. If I Could Save One Soul
16. Got Me a Women
17. Independence Day
18. Sheís Beautiful
19. Feeding the Frost
20. Wintersí Thoughts
21. Flying Again
    (recorded Fall 2000)
22. Goodnite Song