"..life's a song my friend that's been written fo us, 
you've got to live the verses and fall back on the chorus."


If Time Could Stand Alone

A  collection of 15 songs recorded 2002 / 2003.
A little bluegrass, a little folk, a lot of Van's best work yet!
Listen to some of these songs now, visit the mp3 page (click here).

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Cold Wind
Ballad of a Broken Man
If Time Could Stand Alone
Head For the High Ground
Loose Skinned Dog
Thick as Thieves
MacLeodís Dream
Talking Hegins Pigeon Shoot Blues
3 Times A Diesel
Lonesome Valley Revisited
Churches and Bars
Donít Lie to Me
Blueridge Parkway
England to Austin
Hard Coal

Listen to some of these songs now, visit the mp3 page (click here).

The Pickerís and Grinnerís

Bass - Doug Smith
Piano and Harmony Vocals - Brian Crane
Harmony Vocals - Maureen Carr
Penny Whistle and Flute - Micah Schweizer
Guitar and Harmony vocals - Matt Harrison
Harmony Dog Bark - Bucky Green
Mandolin and Banjo - Anthony Hannigan
Fiddle - Coleman Smith

All songs written by Van Wagner except "Churches and Bars" writen by Van Wagner and Tom Flannery

All songs recorded and Mixed at the WVIA-FM studios by George Graham
Mastered by George Graham
Co-produced by George Graham and Van Wagner

Album graphic design done by Kyle Umbenhauer -  Dookiak Studios