Hard Coal
by Van Wagner

Van Wagner, song-writer and underground coal miner, performs a program celebrating the past and present of the Pennsylvania Coal industry. Wagner is a native of the anthracite region where he worked underground for R&R Coal Company in Schuylkill County.   His songs have been performed all over the world and have been featured in several film productions. Enjoy this unique program as Wagner takes you on a  journey through Pennsylvania's coal heritage.

This program reviews the past, present and future of Pennsylvania's Anthracite coal mining heritage.  This program covers how coal is mined and most importantly WHO mined it.  Wagner demonstrates dozens of tools spanning 200 years of coal mining history.   A little bit of music, a little bit of laughter, and lot of culutre make this unique educational program a reminded of why we should be proud to be from the "Hard COal" region of Pennsylvania.

Click here for more Coal mining pictures of Van Wagner, working for R&R Coal Co.