The Flood Sessions: Four Days of Rain

June 2012

Van Wagner 


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Ridge runner
I Ran Away
Lucky Man
You Can’t Lock Up a Good Guitar
Let September Go
Live Lightly On the Land
Four Days of Rain
Summer of Hawks
Knapping On the Flint
Can’t Take my Song Away
Guns and Religion
Jay Smar Just Likes to Play
Blind Pig Back Step



Starting September 5, 2011 the North Branch of the Susquehanna River (and several tributaries of the West Brach)  were drenched with inches and inches of rain.  The rain lasted 4 days, tapering off September 8th.  As the nation marked the 10th anniversary of the tragedies of 9-11, our local area was dealing a new disaster.   Homes along the Loyalsock, Fishing Creek, and Susquehanna were literally erased.  During the flooding I wrote several of the songs from this album.  Before I knew it, I had an entire album of songs.  Some songs about the flooding, some songs about our reaction, some songs about other aspects of 2011/2012.  I chose to record the album with Jason Perez on Mulberry Street (Danville PA).  Jason’s family, his business, and their neighbors were flooded under several feet of water in the flood.  When the waters went down, Jason’s family and neighbors did what we all hope we would do in the same circumstances; they rebuilt.  They didn’t pause to ask why, the simply carried on. Recording these songs with Jason on Mulberry street felt right. 

All songs written by Van Wagner except “Jay Smar Just Likes To Play” by Van Wagner and Brian Crane.  “Guns and Religion” by Van Wagner, Karl Shellenberger, and Tom Flannery.

Harmony Vocals by Brian Crane

Artwork by Chad McKonly.

This album is dedicated to Ian and Logan Shellenberger (but not necessarily in that order…or any order…I am NOT choosing favorites is what I’m trying to say here)