Climbing to the Top

$12 for CD's.   Original folk and bluegrass Summer 1998.

$12 per CD.

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This is Vanís first solo album released on CD.  All songs are original.  Wagner is joined by guests R.J. Renteria, Matthew Harrison, Walt Laubach Jr., Tom Harhart, and Scott Fritz.  The album has received rave reviews from both local and national publications.  The release was kicked off by a tour to Scotland and England in Jan 99 with great success (and tons of crazy stories!!!!)  Recorded summer 1998, released Sept. 1998.


1. Chestnut Eyes
2. Climbing to the top (version one)
3. Life's a Song
4. Ballad of a Strong Man
5. Kickin' Pebbles
6. Mining Town
7. Lattimer Massacre
8. Moan at 21
9. Climbing to the Top (version two)
10. This World's Got More
11. There Was a Time
12. If God Was a Color
13. Moonlite

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