"..life's a song my friend that's been written fo us, 
you've got to live the verses and fall back on the chorus."


A collection of 14 songs recorded  2004.
A totally solo album by Van Wagner. 

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Leave My Town Alone
We Can't Be Free (More, More, More)

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1   The Fire 
2   Vinyl 
3   St. Paddy’s Lament 
4   Diesel 
5   Miners Wife 
6   Leave My Town Alone 
7   Song For Jay 
8   Alone 
9   Summer of 03 
10  We Can’t Be Free (More, More, More) 
11  No Regrets 
12  When Through the Whirl of Wheels * 
13  Roots 
14  Here’s a Song 

All songs written by Van Wagner  except “When through the Whirl of Wheels” words written by  Geoffrey A. Studdert-Kennedy music by Frederick G. Russell. 

All songs recorded live at WVIA studios, Pittston Pennsylvania except tracks 1,2 and 3, recorded in studio sessions at WVIA. 

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